About Screem

Screem is a web site development environment. It's purpose is to increase productivity when constructing a site, by providing quick access to commonly used features. While it is written for use with the http://www.gnome.org desktop environment in mind it does not specifically require you to be running it, just have the libraries installed.

Development of Screem began in April 1999 with the initial goal of being a simple to use HTML editor. Since then it has continued to grow thanks to input from early and current users so that it provides a feature base unparalleled by it's Free Software / Open Source competitors. We hope that as a user you will help us improve Screem even further by providing feedback, both good and bad experiences / suggestions contribute equally well. If you are a developer and wish to help by coding, or a translator / documenter then your contributions on those fronts will also be welcomed gratefully.

Visit www.screem.org for the latest news about screem.