Provided Wizards

8.1. Color Wizard

The color wizard provides a simple color selection dialog, which allows you to insert a color code either via the Apply or ok buttons, or by dragging a color to the editor window.

An eye-dropper button is also available which allows a color to be chosen from anywhere on the screen, you can then insert that using one of the methods mentioned above.

8.2. CSS Selector Wizard

Relieving you of having to remember the different selectors for CSS rules, this wizard provides a simple, straight forward method of saying what you want a rule to match. Once the full selector has been setup clicking the Insert button will insert it into the editor.

As well as allowing you to define the selector you can also set specific style properties. Click the Styles button to jump to the properties page. This will present you with a grouped display of CSS properties. Clicking the Match button will take you back to the selector page.

8.3. Entity Wizard

HTML has a predefined set of character entities, these are characters that shouldn't be typed directly into a document, but the entity should be used instead.

This wizard shows these character entities, along with the character they are for. Double clicking on the one you wish to use will insert it into the editor.

8.4. Form Wizard

The form wizard provides a simple method of setting up the submission details for a <form>. As well as the usual setting of the method, and action a selection of encoding types are provided for you to choose from. The default type in html is application/x-www-form-urlencoded

8.5. Image Wizard

The image wizard allows you to insert an <img> tag into your HTML documents. It also supports creating thumbnailed links to images if they are too large to include inline in the page.

8.6. Object Wizard

The object wizard is very similar to the image wizard, but deals with the <object> tag in HTML documents. As such it can also be used to insert images that way.

The thumbnailing feature from the image wizard is also available here, but not just for image files. Thumbnailed links can be created to any type of file that the GNOME desktop can thumbnail, such as movie files.

8.7. Link Wizard

This wizard will insert links to other documents in your site, or on external sites.

The Edit pop-up button also allows you to have the link open a new popup window. You can control whether the new window will have a menubar, toolbar etc. as well as the size and position. A new window will still be opened with the link even without Javascript support in the browser, except it will not have the size/position etc. that you defined.

8.8. Server Side Include Wizard

Although less commonly used with sites now this wizard allows you to insert the different server side include directives into your page.

8.9. Table Wizard

Tables are commonly used for layout purposes in HTML documents. Creating the table with the correct columns, rows etc. can be a slow dull task, so this wizard will do all that for you, along with setting the appearance of the table.