All sidebars can be detached from the main window, or rearranged as you see fit by dragging their title bar. You can also hide / show them by using the View → Dock items submenu or the close button on their individual title bars.

7.1. Files

The files sidebar display will depend on if you are working on individual files, or a site. As can be expected you can copy / move files and folders in the normal fashion. A file properties dialog is available for renaming and changing permissions / ownership, and can be accessed via a right click context menu.

7.2. Tree

The tree bar provides a mini tree view of the current document structure. It only provides two columns, unlike the main tree view. These columns show the element type, and if the element is valid at that location in the document.

This is currently an informational display only, no editing can take place here.

7.3. Attributes

When working on an HTML / XML document the attributes sidebar becomes sensitive based on if the editor view cursor is within a tag. It actually provides three different pieces of information.

Selecting a row in the tree view main view will have the same effect as if you had placed the cursor at that position in the document in the editor.


This will list all the valid attributes for the tag, and allow you to change any of them.

Any attributes that the tag is required to have will be displayed in bold.

Applied Styles

This will list any CSS rules that will be applied to the tag. It will base this on any <link> based stylesheet in the document, any <style> tags, and any style attribute that may be present.

Double clicking on an item in this list will take you to the file that contains the rule definition.


Provides a description of the tag if one could be extracted from the dtd.

7.4. Resources

This sidebar provides access to screem's tag trees and reference files. These provide documentation on a variety of subjects, as well as being able to insert markup / code for items they contain. They are also used as the source for auto completion in the editor view.

A number of tag trees are provided by default with screem, these are:

  • Apache
  • CSS 2.0
  • HTML 4.0
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Screem Javascript Library
  • TEI Lite

In addition to these tag trees a special entry is added here for the current doctype in use.

As tag trees can be quite large, a search facility is present for searching individual trees. This is available from the toolbar beneath the resources list.

7.5. Symbols

The symbols sidebar only comes into play when working on a site. If a ctags file is present in the site directory, or the site settings specify to create one, all symbols found will be displayed here, double clicking on them will jump to the document that contains them and highlight that section in the editor view.

This relies on ctags being present on your system, and the site being worked on also being local rather than on a remote system.

7.6. Messages and Errors

These two sidebars provide feedback messages, and errors. Any multiline messages will be shown here rather than the status bar.

Helper applications may also output to these sidebars so results can be seen, or the reason for any errors determined.