SCREEM - Screenshots

Doctype Reference
Screem provides entries in its tag tree for insertion of elements from the current document type that is in use. Along with this information about an element is extracted, and used to provide the help dialog displayed in this screenshot.

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Main Editor
This is the main editor view for Screem showing the syntax highlighting.

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Inline Tagging
The main editor again, but this time showing the inline tagging of Screem, which provides a list of all valid attributes for the tag that the cursor was in when space was pressed.

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Opening Remote Files
Files do not have to be present on your system for Screem to be able to open them, this screenshot showing that by having opened slashdot

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PHP Function Reference
Thanks to the developers of Bluefish, Screem provides a complete PHP help reference, the help dialog here showing the function apache_lookup_uri()

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Preferences Dialog
The preferences dialog, should Screem not behave how you would like by default, you can change things here, along with setting up defaults for page character sets, and doctypes.

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Internal Preview
A quick method to check how your pages are looking is provided by the internal preview mode, this is only a rough guide, and does not support as much as a real browser such as Firebird, IE, Opera, or Safari.

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Site Statistics
The site statistics dialog, which contains an overview on the size of the site and individual file types, along with when it was last uploaded.

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Page Structure
The structure of the document currently being edited is shown here, along with a flag showing if each element is valid at its current position.

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Upload Wizard
Screem features support for uploading sites you are working on, by incorporating Sitecopy, this screenshot shows a site being uploaded to a remote ftp site.

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XML Support
As Screem takes notice of a <!DOCTYPE> tag, then it is not limited to just HTML files. This screenshot shows an example of editing a Glade interface file.

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